Suicide and Crisis

Many people go through life hiding their feelings and problems from those around them. They think it’s not okay to have feelings of sadness or to be overwhelmed by life, or to face problems the seem as though they can’t be overcome.

Usually one of the fears people have is asking for help; but the is exactly what you should do; it does not make you look weak or incapable. Life is full of choices, and sometimes it’s hard to realize the right ones on your own.

If someone you know tells you they’re thinking about suicide, take them seriously. Let them know you’re there to listen and help out in any way you can and don’t make them feel guilty about their problem. Suggest that they talk about what they’re feeling with a professional.

Make sure you tell an adult you can trust or call one of the numbers below if you or someone you know who is feeling down, or thinking about suicide.

Coping Isn’t Easy