COVID19 Office phone forwarded to staff cell phone and will be answered directly. Staff are willing to support on scene First Responders if required. If phone support is an option that would be the first line of defense. Referrals, safety planning and needs assessments will be completed by phone, email. In-person support could take place after COVID19 screening questions were completed to ensure safety for all. On-site early intervention and crisis intervention, needs assessment, safety planning, referrals to community services, enhanced support for vulnerable victims and assistance with applications to VQRP+Victim Quick Response Program+ (VQRP+) assistance with emergency expenses related to the incident, including home safety, accommodation, meals, transportation, basic necessities, dependent care costs, counselling, traditional Indigenous health services, cellular phones, vision care, dental care, aids for victims with disabilities, interpretation services, crime scene cleanup, government/medical documents and funeral expenses. Additional assistance for victims of human trafficking includes storage locker, tattoo removal, and treatment at a recovery facility. No direct reimbursement to victims for support listed above. Financial support also available for victims who sustained serious physical injuries during a crime and for parents of child homicide victims and spouses of homicide victimSatellite office at Seaforth Arena 122 Duke St., Seaforth N0K 1W0