COVID19 – During COVID19 Family Services, Food Bank and Medical Loans Cupboard continue to be available. Call 519-524-1087 and please leave a clear message including your name and phone number. Messages are checked daily.
Daily soup program paused
Thrift Store Currenly closed due to Covid-19 lock down

  • Food bank
  • Thrift store sells clothing, furniture and appliances, cookware, toys, books, and electronics
  • Emergency support for dental, eye care and medicine, rent, heat and hydro will deliver hampers of food in emergency situations and do home visits
  • Serve non-custodial parents*emergency overnight accommodation* fire and domestic violence assistance
  • Health equipment loan cupboard – free for an indefinite time period, manual wheel chairs, crutches, commodes, transfer benches and walkers – may have other equipment than what is listed. Please contact the office for more information
  • Budget and life skills support and resource liaising
  • Bibles and religious items available free
  • Daily free soup pot offered Mon through Sat – free electronic waste collection

Christmas hampers:

  • Made up for seniors, singles, families and children over age 16
  • Hampers are made to individual needs (ie. diabetic, gluten free) with fresh products
  • Hampers can be ready for specific date if requested and can be delivered in emergency situations
  • Hamper contains food, gifts, and gift certificates
  • Applications for Christmas hampers start Nov 1st and will be accepted until Dec 8 – serve non-custodial parents

Families with children under 16 must go to the CAS Christmas Bureau, but if you miss that opportunity, please call.

Volunteers always welcome!