The YMCA in Goderich will facilitate pick up basketball on Monday Nights from 6:45 until 8 pm, when they close. This is NOT a rental, they are making this time available to anyone to play, so you must fulfil the requirements to enter the YMCA as a participant. Head to the front desk and check in, and it takes a while, so plan to get there earlier. We will NOT be allowed in the gym until around 6:45. You must be double vaccinated and have to show proof as such when you enter.

You must be either a member of the YMCA OR you can purchase a day pass for $13 tax included. The price of being a member is $30 tax included biweekly.

You must fill out this form every time you enter the YMCA, so should probably fill it out before you come so as to maximize your playing time! If you forget, there are QR codes when you first enter the YMCA to access this form HERE