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Comprehensive employment and job search services. Assessment of skills, interests and experience. Job search strategies, including resume preparation. Information about careers and occupations, local labour market, employment and training opportunities. On-the-job training, work experience. Help in maintaining employment. Information and referral to other employment and community services

Better Jobs Ontario — skills training and financial support for laid-off workers

Services for employers — help in identifying human resource skills requirements. Matching of workplace needs to workers’ skills, capabilities, interests and experience. Support for developing on-the-job training plans and monitoring of placements to support retention

Canada-Ontario Job Grant — financial support for individual employers to purchase training for their employees. available to small, medium and large businesses planning to deliver short-term training for existing or new.

Reach for Success program supports youth ages 15-30, who are not currently in full-time education to gain the skills required to experience success in the workplace. The program includes 120 hours of paid Online Job Readiness Workshops, Virtual Employment Counselling Support, an Opportunity to complete training in WHMIS, Safe Food Handling and Smart Serve, a 8 week Paid Work Placement, $750 Bonus for Individuals who complete all components of the program
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Youth Job Connection – program available online to supports youth ages 15-29, who are currently unemployed and not in full time education gain the skills required to experience success in the workplace. The program includes 60 hours of paid online job readiness workshops, virtual employment counselling support, opportunity to access supports to purchase items and training needed for employment, and a paid work placement.

Youth Job Connection Summer — summer job opportunities and part-time job placements during the year