Effective Friday, September 2nd

The Knights of Columbus Shelter will close officially Friday afternoon (Sep 2nd) and no supper will be provided


Sep 22. 2011
The Salvation Army continues to provide assistance to those affected by the Tornado. Those seeking support can call our Family Services office at 519 524 2950. This location is able to supply food and clothing/furniture to those in need.

The Salvation Army has set of Free Food Depots. For details – click here Free Food and Goods Depots

Effective September 6th

Residents of Goderich will be able to access the following agencies at the Salvation Army Citidel, Suncoast Drive from 8:30 am-4:30 pm:

* Huron County Social Services (Ontario Works, and emergency supports)
* Red Cross
* Victim Services -Please note: Over the long weekend (Saturday, Sunday and Monday), Victim Services will coordinate public needs on an as needed basis. They can be reached at 519-235-1060.

Additional services on site:

*Red Cross: Providing information about services
*Victims Services: Providing immediate emotional support and practical support for people
*Salvation Army: Coordinating food and hydration for the relief workers and volunteers
*Emergency food supplies – non perishable food items

Victim Services
*Providing immediate emotional support and practical support for people impacted by the tornado

Salvation Army
*Providing clothing, and personal care items