COVID19 Physical office closed and staff are working remotely to respond to client’s needs. Screeners are available during office hours to receive referrals/incoming information. Phone system will connect to answering service after hours for a Protection Worker to respond to client needs. During COVID19 court dates/services suspended except emergency apprehensions. Home visits with prescreening or rescheduled

Serves children, adolescents and families * provides child protection services as mandated by the Child and Family Services Act, and family support including:
* Counselling services to children and families
* Placement of at-risk children in individual and group home foster family settings
* Adoption placement of infants and older children who are legally and emotionally free for adoption
* Supervision, finalization of adoptions
* ongoing assistance to adoptive families
* Information Dissemination regarding “Duty to Report” suspected cases of child abuse and neglect through the Purple Ribbon Campaign