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Employment facilitators provide:

  • comprehensive employment and job search services
  • assessment of skills, interests and experience
  • job search strategies, including resume preparation
  • information about careers and occupations, local labour market, employment and training opportunities
  • on-the-job training, work experience
  • help in maintaining employment
  • information and referral to other employment and community services

Youth Job Connection:

  • paid pre-employment training
  • job matching. Paid job placements with placement supports for participants and hiring incentives for employers
  • mentorship
  • education and work transitions supports

      Youth Job Connection Summer:

      • summer job opportunities and part-time job placements during the year

      Better Jobs Ontario:

      • skills training and financial support for laid-off workers

      Services for employers:

      • help in identifying human resource skills requirements
      • matching of workplace needs to workers’ skills, capabilities, interests and experience
      • support for developing on-the-job training plans and monitoring of placements to support retention

      Canada-Ontario Job Grant:

      • financial support for individual employers to purchase training for their employees
      • available to small, medium and large businesses planning to deliver short-term training for existing or new employees