Dental Help

No one should have to suffer a toothache! If you’re 17 years of age or younger, and your family doesn’t have dental insurance or can’t afford a visit to the dentist, you may be eligible for free dental care. Services such as check-ups, cleanings, fillings, and treatment are available in both Huron and Perth Counties.

Huron County. Social Services

Pathways is an emergency program that can assist families and individuals living with low incomes in Huron County when they are most in need. The aim of the program is to reduce child poverty, promote attachment, help parents return to the workforce and prevent homelessness.

Assistance may include:
Emergency childcare * emergency dental * emergency heat/hydro * emergency housing * emergency rent * emergency transportation * eyeglasses * limited assistance with cost of prosthetic items * medications (one time in an emergency)

Pathways may pay up to $750 per year for rent, heat, or hydro for individuals or families with an eviction notice or disconnection notice, or $500 per year for health related items. Further funding may be available to cover emergency items related to prevention of child poverty or attachment to the workforce.

Funding comes from various sources including Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative CHPI and Low-Income Energy Assistance Program for customers of Westcoast Hydro and Erie Thames Power.

Perth District Health Unit

Offers preventive dental services such as cleaning, dental sealants, and fluoride treatments to children and youth in Perth County who are identified through dental screening.

Services are free for children and youth from families with no dental insurance or who cannot afford the cost of treatment. These services are available by appointment in Stratford, Milverton and Listowel.

Healthy Smiles Ontario is a government-funded dental program that provides free preventive, routine, and emergency dental services for eligible children and youth 17 years old and under from low-income households. Children and youth with existing dental insurance coverage are not automatically excluded from the program.

The program includes regular visits to a licensed dental provider and covers the costs of treatment including: check-ups, cleaning, fillings, x-rays, scaling and emergency dental care.

Find out more about the program and if you are eligible at

If you have a dentist, contact their office to find out if they participate in Healthy Smiles Ontario. If you do not have a dentist, contact the Health Unit for help.

Perth District Health Unit

Free, confidential telephone service * provides health information for parents, students, school staff and the general public

A public health nurse is available to answer questions about: healthy eating, breastfeeding support, immunization, infectious diseases, parenting, pregnancy, quitting smoking, water and food safety, sexual health, and other information.

Health Line also helps to connect you with other Perth District Health Unit programs and services, and community organizations.

Huron County Health Unit

Administers dental coverage programs for qualifying children and youth 17 years of age and younger * offers no-cost direct preventative dental treatment services to program clients at Wingham Hospital and Clinton Health Unit dental clinics * provides oral screening and education to schools and community partners

Huron County Health Unit

Provides public health services that promote health and prevent disease for area residents * staff support and encourage individuals to make healthy choices, and work with the community to ensure that public health standards are being met * Services include: parental and child health * chronic disease and injury prevention * communicable diseases * sexual health * environmental health * safe water * dental health * epidemiological investigation * practical public health research and evaluation * smoking prevention and control

Visit website for details on the Health Unit services.