How to Manage My Money

Managing your money is a skill that you will have to master. It is important that you learn how to save and spend your money. Sometimes it can be tempting to spend all of the money you make on the things you want. But it is important to remember that saving money will allow you to do things that you want to do in the future, like go to school or buy a car. Check out some of these resources for more information about how to effectively budget and manage your money.

Huron County. Municipal Office

Emergency program that can assist families and individuals living with low incomes in Huron County.

Assistance may include but not be limited to: Emergency heat, water, sewage, rental arrears, dental. Eyeglasses, baby supplies, limited assistance with cost of prosthetic Items, other health care items. Limited financial assistance may be available in other exceptional circumstances.

Financial Consumer Agency of Canada

Responsible for ensuring that federally regulated financial institutions comply with federal consumer protection laws and regulations. Monitors financial institutions’ compliance with voluntary codes of conduct and their own public commitments. * Informs consumers about their rights and responsibilities when dealing with financial institutions. * Provides information and tools to help consumers understand and shop for a variety of financial products and services