Sexuality, Birth Control and Pregnancy

If you’re feeling pressured to have sex, you may need to have a look at your relationship. It’s your body and you have the ability to choose what to do with it. Not having sex doesn’t mean you don’t care for your partner, and it is okay to say “no”, even if you’ve said “yes” before. Sex isn’t for everyone at every time, so don’t let others make your decision.

You can get the facts abut sex and birth control at the places listed here. If you think you or a friend might be pregnant, remember that it will not go away if you ignore it. It is very important to get a pregnancy test as soon as possible (this can be confidential). Very soon, you could be faced with difficult decisions that will affect your entire life. You should talk to an adult you trust, whether it’s a parent, teacher, counsellor, or someone at a sexual health clinic for help – support is up to you.

IPIC Education and Counselling Services

Rental of breast pumps* lactation consultation * counselling for postpartum depression, infant loss, colic, crying and other parenting concerns * private prenatal education available upon request

Stratford House of Blessing

Support, educate, and provide a multitude of resources for the women and men of our community in a caring, safe, and confidential environment

Offers free pregnancy tests * literature * emotional support * referrals * maternity and baby supplies

Room2Grow Pregnancy & Parenting Support Centre

A non-profit volunteer based pregnancy care centre providing:
* free pregnancy tests
* support
* networking to local community resources
* a safe place to talk
* education for all options available to young women
* Mom’s support group
* food and clothing available.
* referrals and coupons for Rack & Room
Do no refer to abortion clinics, but do offer post abortion support.

Huron County Health Unit

Food safety and inspection * complaint investigation * food handling training * visit website for information on food handling training

Perth District Health Unit

Healthy Babies, Health Children program provides home visits by public health nurse and home visitors to expectant mothers and new parents who need support. If you have lots of questions and need help adjusting to life with a new baby, home visits help you learn about:

* having a healthy pregnancy and birth
* connecting with your baby
* how children grow and develop, and what you can do to help them learn
* being a parent
* breastfeeding and healthy nutrition
* taking care of yourself and your family
* other services available to you and your child in your community

Home visiting is available when you are pregnant, after the baby is born or as your child grows. There is no cost to you for the program and your participation is voluntary.

Huron County Health Unit

Services for parents, prenatal and after birth of their child * prevention and early intervention strategies to support in promotion of growth and development of children aged 0-6 years * Public Health Nurse and Parent Resource Visitor provide families with support, resources, tools and strategies to support healthy child development and enhance family well being

Services offered include prenatal and postpartum support, home visits, screening and assessment for child development, parenting support and referrals to other community services.

Perth District Health Unit

*Drop in Clinic for: free condoms, STI testing(including HIV) and counseling, free pregnancy and options counseling, morning after pill/plan b, low cost birth control(pill, patch, ring, depo, IUD/IUD, safer injection and safer smoking supplies

Perth District Health Unit

Free drop-in service providing: free condoms, STI testing(including HIV) and counselling, free pregnancy testing and options counseling, morning after pill?plan B , low cost birth control( pill, patch, ring, Depo, IUD/IUS, safer injection and safer smoking supplies

Perth District Health Unit

Appointment needed ( call or text)
Services: STI diagnosis and treatment ( genital rash, sores, lumps, bumps), PAP test(cervical screening), referrals to ob/gyn

Perth District Health Unit

Drop in clinic for: free condoms, STI testing(including HIV and counseling, free pregnancy testing and options counseling, morning after pill/planB ,low cost birth control,
Appointment needed call or text services:
STI diagnosis and treatment( genital rash, sores, lumps, bumps), PAP testing (cervical screening), referral to ob/gyn

Perth District Health Unit

call 519-271-7600 ext779 or text 519-635-2504 for an appointment services:
STI diagnosis and treatment( genital rash, sores, lumps, bumps), PAP testing( cervical screening) , referrals to OB/gyn

Huron County Health Unit

Drop-in clinic with public health nurse able to provide low cost birth control, emergency contraception, pregnancy testing and counselling, STI testing and treatment and referrals

Also provides doctor-led clinics available once a month, by appointment only * clinic also in Wingham, see separate entry for details

Perth District Health Unit

The Perth District Health Unit works in partnership with the community to foster conditions in which people can be healthy * promote health, protect health, and prevent disease by providing community health services and programs for Perth County

Services include: prenatal classes * stop smoking help * sexual health clinics * immunization * communicable disease investigations and outbreak control * food safety inspections * rabies investigations * safe drinking water measures