Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s) HIV/AIDS

STIs and HIV/AIDS are nothing to take lightly or laugh about. Many STIs are passed along through body fluids such as pre-cum, semen, vaginal fluids, breast milk, and blood. Some STIs are found on the skin and surfaces of the vagina, penis, rectum, and mouth. Direct contact with these surfaces may spread the infection. Any activity which can cause someone else’s body fluids to get into your body may put you at risk for getting a STI, including needle sharing.

Some symptoms of common STIs include:
-Unusual discharge or odour from your penis or vagina
-A painful burning feeling while urinating
-Sores or blisters on or around your mouth or sex organs
-Itching, swelling, or bumps in the groin area
Often there are no symptoms at all! If you choose to have sex, use a condom every time to reduce the risk of contracting STIs. Carrying a condom doesn’t mean you’re pushy, easy, or overly sure of yourself, it just means that you’re being smart.

HIV is spreading rapidly in teens because many people ignore the facts or believe false ideas about AIDS and other STIs. For example, you can’t be exposed by:
-Casual contact (hugging, shaking hands, etc.)
-Contact with doorknobs and/or toilet seats
-Donating Blood

Here’s how to limit exposure to HIV/AIDS and STIs:
-Not having sex (abstinence)
-If you have sex, properly using a latex condom makes contact much safer, although it doesn’t guarantee protection
-If you use drugs, don’t share needles
-Don’t share items that may be contaminated with blood

It is true that choosing to be sexually active or to use drugs can cause serious consequences in your life, no matter what precautions you might be taking. If that’s the choice you’ve made, then take responsibility to be protected as possible.

Huron Perth Public Health – Huron

Food safety and inspection * complaint investigation * food handling training *

Telehealth Ontario

Confidential telephone service * Registered Nurses provide advice on symptoms, treatment and health care * general health information * referral to community services * no Ontario Health Insurance required * program of Ontario, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

Regional HIV/AIDS Connection

Practical support, counselling services and programming for people living with and affected by issues related to HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C

Education about safer sex and ways to prevent getting or giving HIV * stigma and discrimination with respect to living with HIV as well as homosexuality * testing for HIV and Hepatitis C * issues related to telling (disclosing) HIV status

Counterpoint Needle Syringe Program, Mobile Delivery Service, Temporary Overdose Prevention Site – Counterpoint provides new injection and safer inhalation equipment, disposal of used equipment, Naloxone training to prevent overdoses, education and information on safe injection or inhalation practices and referrals to community support services * case management services offer support for individuals contemplating changing, reducing or stopping substance use * safer sex supplies and education also available * dispenses free naloxone take-home kits – lifesaving medication that can restore breathing of a person who has overdosed on heroin or prescription opioid medication 

HIV Support Services – Ongoing counselling and support to people living with, affected by, and at-risk for HIV/AIDS

John Gordon Home – Palliative, respite and transitional health care services for those with HIV/AIDS/HCV in a home-like environment * services include case planning, social and recreational support, nutritional services, house keeping, and community coordination

Open Closet – Weekly drop-in social support group for 2SLGBTQIA+ (2-Spirit, Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Queer, Intersex, Asexual +) youth between the ages of 14 and 18

Ontario. Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

Anonymous and non-judgmental counselling * referrals to clinics and community agencies * crisis intervention * administered through Toronto Public Health (see separate entry)

AIDS and Sexual Health Infoline — current information and support on HIV/AIDS, counselling and referral to Point of Care HIV Rapid Test sites, pre-test and post-test options, safer sex, risk assessment, sexually transmitted diseases, birth control options, emergency contraception, sexuality, relationship concerns, pregnancy and options, sexual orientation

The Mainline 1-800-686-7544 — current information and support on issues related to harm reduction, injection drug use and needle exchange programs

Huron County HIV/AIDS Network

Volunteer agency that supports and advocates for HIV positive individuals and their families. We offer education for teens and adults about harm reduction and transmission.

Huron Perth Public Health – Perth

*Drop in Clinic for: free condoms, STI testing(including HIV) and counseling, free pregnancy and options counseling, morning after pill/plan b, low cost birth control(pill, patch, ring, depo, IUD/IUD, safer injection and safer smoking supplies

Huron Perth Public Health – Perth

Free drop-in service providing: free condoms, STI testing(including HIV) and counselling, free pregnancy testing and options counseling, morning after pill?plan B , low cost birth control( pill, patch, ring, Depo, IUD/IUS, safer injection and safer smoking supplies

Huron Perth Public Health – Perth

Appointment needed ( call or text)
Services: STI diagnosis and treatment ( genital rash, sores, lumps, bumps), PAP test(cervical screening), referrals to ob/gyn

Huron Perth Public Health – Perth

Drop in clinic for: free condoms, STI testing(including HIV and counseling, free pregnancy testing and options counseling, morning after pill/planB ,low cost birth control,
Appointment needed call or text services:
STI diagnosis and treatment( genital rash, sores, lumps, bumps), PAP testing (cervical screening), referral to ob/gyn

Huron Perth Public Health – Perth

call 519-271-7600 ext 3779 or text 519-635-2504 for an appointment services:
STI diagnosis and treatment( genital rash, sores, lumps, bumps), PAP testing( cervical screening) , referrals to OB/gyn

Huron Perth Public Health – Huron

Drop-in clinic with public health nurse able to provide low cost birth control, emergency contraception, pregnancy testing and counselling, STI testing and treatment and referrals

Also provides doctor-led clinics available once a month, by appointment only * clinic also in Wingham, see separate entry for details

Huron Perth Public Health – Perth

Huron Perth Public Health works in partnership with the community to foster conditions in which people can be healthy * promote health, protect health, and prevent disease by providing community health services and programs for Huron and Perth County

Services include: prenatal classes * stop smoking help * sexual health clinics * immunization * communicable disease investigations and outbreak control * food safety inspections * rabies investigations * safe drinking water measures