Suicide and Crisis

Many people go through life hiding their feelings and problems from those around them. They think it’s not okay to have feelings of sadness or to be overwhelmed by life or to face problems that seem as though they can’t be overcome.

Usually one of the fears people have is asking for help, but that is exactly what you should do; it does not make you look weak or incapable. Life is full of choices, and sometimes it’s hard to realize the right ones on your own.

If someone you know tells you they’re thinking about suicide, take them seriously. Let them know you’re there to listen and help out in any way you can and don’t make them feel guilty about their problem. Suggest that they talk about what they’re feeling with a professional.

Make sure you tell an adult you can trust or call one of the numbers below if you or someone you know who is feeling down, or thinking about suicide.

Remember that life changes fast. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it sucks, sometimes it’s amazing, and sometimes it feels as though it can’t get any worse right before it does. But everything ends, everything changes, everything makes more sense in retrospect. All you can do is stay alive and stay good. It’s worth it.

RGA Psychological and Counselling Services

COVID19 Teleconferencing with clients on a secure medical platform. Limited in-person visits. Call to book appointment and see website for safety procedures

Diverse group of experienced practitioners that provide short and long term counselling and psychotherapy to individuals, couples, and families from ages 4 and up. A variety of group therapy interests are also represented. Issues that are treated include:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • relationships
  • adjustment to illness or injury
  • trauma
  • anger management
  • Cognitive Behaviioural Therapy (CBT)
  • family and marital relationships
  • mediation
  • separation and divorce
  • meditation
  • personality problems
  • substance abuse
Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance

24 hour helpline and crisis line, counselling service for individuals in acute emotional distress and/or with mental illness, face-to-face support and assessment 7 days a week in the local community serving 8 hospital ER departments. Crisis staff will provide onsite assessment in the individual’s home in the company of local police service. Will assist individuals to find the appropriate addictions or mental health service

Emergency Room assistance available at all 8 hospitals, call ahead to ensure that a staff person can go to the hospital location.

Emergency Homelessness – People and families in need of emergency housing should contact the Ontario Works or ODSP office during regular work hours. Outside of normal business hours, contact the Huron Perth Helpline and Crisis Response Team for assistance

Program is mobile with police in Huron and Perth counties

Stratford Police Service

Municipal policing services for the City of Stratford. For non emergency crime related incidents such as vandalism, graffiti and to provide information on past acts. For emergency incidents, residents should call 911.

ConnexOntario Health Services Information

Confidential telephone, chat, and email information and referral and listening service providing detailed descriptions of mental health services and supports in Ontario, including how to access them

  • information about community-based counselling services and supports
  • strategies to meet goals
  • support
  • basic mental illness education

Web chat with information and referral specialist available * operated by ConnexOntario Health Services Information

Resilience Huron Perth Mental Health

ALL intake through Stratford office – call toll-free number and dial 0 for reception. This office is open by appointment only. Access to programs only through case management

Advocates with and provides programs and services for people with mental disorders. Enhances, maintains and promotes the mental health of all individuals.

Services include: community support programs including case management, concurrent disorders and court support services, peer support programs, family support programs, education, volunteering and supported housing program.

Resilience Huron Perth Mental Health